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Hi, New & Danmaku Gramophone are 2 fangames from UTG Software that are essentially Touhou Beat Hazard.
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You can add files and from that a sequence of attacks will be randomly generated.
There are 7 sets of difficulties and each game has a unique game mode that can be chosen to diversify the experience a little.

Since the maker has been a bit lazy in Danmaku Gramophone, the explanations are actually slightly more detailed in New Danmaku Gramophone (because UTG is a funny man when it comes to explaining sometimes).

Danmaku Gramophone + Manual
New Danmaku Gramophone + Manual
Manual can just be added along the "manual" file in each game
Point or Progression works differently in both games and explanations are detailed within them.

I skipped through the Engine + System requirements as both games are from 2010 and I believe should be able to work well on current machinary.
There can be Vsync issues if you boot up the DX9 exe, and would require to switch monitor refresh rate to 60Hz.
The DX10 exe seems to not have that problem.