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Title: Turnabout Touhou Extra Issue (逆転東方増刊号) English Patch
Post by: Whattef on April 28, 2021, 04:21:49 AM
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This is an English patch for Turnabout Touhou Extra Issue (Gyakuten Touhou Zoukangou), a side-game from Suicayasan's
series of Ace Attorney-like games, Gyakuten Touhou.

If you are interested in purchasing the series, you can do so from DLsite here:
This is a link to the all-ages side of DLsite, but standard precautions should probably still be applied.

The patch itself can be downloaded here:(updated 2021-08-15)

Installing the patch is just a matter of pasting the patch.xp3 file into the same folder as "gyakuten_zoukan.exe"
The game will still need to be run in Japanese applocale.
If you need more information, I've included a readme.