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Rumia's Party Games / Re: An Out of Context Incident
« Last post by Philosopher on Today at 04:57:29 AM »
>The larger fairy looks older than your current form, her wings are too small, and she has very curly black hair.  She could be in her early adolescence.
>A necklace adorns the fairy's neck and she has earrings unlike the fairies you've seen since waking up.

>The maid nods and walks after you.
>"You have to work here awhile before you hear about it.  So, the fairy was nameless and ran into an outsider."

>The fairy raises a hand, "It didn't go the way anyone would expect.  Seeing the outsider got her curious and the two talked, but eventually the fairy got jealous and killed the outsider before stealing the outsider's name: May."

>She shakes her head, "Disgusting, but not the worst."

>"She came. . ." The maid's face turned red while her body shook. "She came here and practiced martial arts with Meiling.  That fairy started to call herself Mayling!" From the fairy's mouth came a grinding noise of teeth.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Seija Quest 2
« Last post by Branneg Xy on Yesterday at 10:44:45 PM »
> You fly towards Shinmyoumaru, while avoiding stray bullets
> Mima manages to wrestle the staff away from Youmu by stunning her with a powerful flash spell
> She then whacks Sakuya with it once before starting what looks like a spell card
> You fly towards Mima and meet up with Seija halfway there
> Yuuka notices the occasional bullets and exclaims "Don't be a pest!" while rudely pointing at you!
> Mima's spell card begins with several streams of bullets, primarily aimed at Younu and Patchouli, with occasional bullets headed your or Sakuya's way.  You manage to reflect all of them back, scoring a surprise hit on Mima!

//Sorry ! I have waited too.long for Returning /New Players(Always Welcome)   and and got mostly busy and somehow sidetracked by Helping Supporring Home/Familyfor too monv,so ; moreover I also have somehow missed the Last Update while still.(Foruming)" MotKingV3 Away //

// So !  :bigpower: Big Wait->Bigger Compensation of Bigger Posting  :bigpower: {Thank GOD divided by > Commands}//

> Observe and adapt to.Mima's Spellcard ,while fire some Counterattacking Lasers ,adapt according to Patterns+ Density+Rush Speed ...

> ...Ah! To gain a bit more Upper-Hand and Experience :Marisa said she was and still considered Mima her Mentor as Magician... so it has to have Degrees of Similarities or Point-of-Contacts with Marisa's Danmaku such as ....what can we note of Somehow Aike in Style,Bullet Types , Shoot&Move Movements or...?

> Available Spellcard Lists (2) : which seem More Fitting for a Group of 5  vs 1 Activated Spellcard like This by Mima ALONGSIDE our Range Distribution from between us to Mima...?

> About our Distance and Ranges are  we Set from Among the 5 Us to Mima about so short-range (Youmu then Patcboulj)) mid-short (Sakuya)and mid-range ( Seija the) ...
do Both those 3 Ranging Distances and those of the "5  Allied People Within." Match?

> Are we closer to Patchouli or Youmu ,which.1 is the Most Harried in  "  (DIFFERENT  PERSON EACH for SEIJA And SHINMYOUMARU to SUPPORT,AND.YET they are INDIRECTLY SUPPORTING EACH OTHER in this way)...

> ...  Support with higher priority  - BY RELIEVING W/LASERS+BULLET RINGS+ OWN STREAMING MOBILITY - the 1 in-between Most Harried by  Mima's Spellcard and and Closest to us  that '


> Oh Well for Yuuka's Outburst... Patience and Temperance are Virtues even among Tight Situations(or maybe especially so in them), still well within understanding and forgiveness.

> Perform /Mediate 1st the  "Both Commands"

> Synchronize better with.Seija.balance with the Others, pooling tigether ,Lasering and Ring-Bullets before the Eventual Spellcards ."

>Ther3 are more Surprise Hits Hopefully Coming to.Mima  incoming : Keep Parrying and Deflecting of her oen part of the Stream ,staying alert not To lose Mobility and/or Focus lest getting Clogged or Knocked Bacn happens in Focus to not get sorrouned or otherwise Over

// Oh Yes...Whenever it is safe  for a fast-checking outside the V3 Duel we should be checking on the "Present Side-Liners" Sanae but also.Rinnosuke(and try  call-in for Contribution/Advising evejtual6 ) //
Rumia's Party Games / Re: A Curious Exchange
« Last post by Neovereign on Yesterday at 08:00:59 PM »
>"If you're after human flesh you could try asking how much per pound.  The cut would probably affect the value."
->Mumble into our hand, "What about meat pies?"
> The mist seems to form back into the girl.
> "Hm... I'll give you some of my darkness for some human meat." The girl says, holding her hand out.
> She sets a small... cube of darkness, on the stand. As it vanishes, a smaller piece of meat sits in it's spot.
> The girl quickly downs it, though seems unsatisfied.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Alice Quest - The Seven Colored Puppeter's Week
« Last post by Neovereign on Yesterday at 07:57:46 PM »
>"Me, of course. Did I not say "I suppose we could duel"?"
> "Alright. I'll get ready." Sanae flies off towards the nearby lake.
> "Don't fly off too far. I don't want to get in the way by flying up there too, but I also still want to watch as well." Meiling speaks.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Rumia Quest - Another
« Last post by Neovereign on Yesterday at 07:56:20 PM »
> " I could certainly recommend Sakuya's Issue to Reimu, and with it  also cooperating with X helping with it... "

> "... however, since Reimu would still need to know more about it to assist, do you know something else until i can find and ask insights about to Sakuya or X or Sanae or others related ? "
> "I'm not sure if there's others that could help that sort of situation..."
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Minor Existence Quest
« Last post by WitheringFlowerCrown on Yesterday at 01:08:44 PM »
>Oh, you could send a familiar. . .
->Wait, a fairy or any other curious could steal it.

>Land down and have a familiar eat the grass to make a message to Kaze
->Write 'Returning fan tomorrow  Moth'

>Float with the fan back up to the others.
->Have our familiar eat the cocoon.

>You (or your familiar, not much different) carves a message into the grass. When or if Kaze starts looking for her fan, she should see it.

>After grabbing the Cocoon and having the familiar eat through it, you see Kaze's Fan.
>It's decently ornate, looks similar to the fans you see the bird Tengu hold, but made of some sort of pliable metal.
>"So, this is what Kaze used to create that windstorm. I dunno if we can use it, but it's good to hold on to."
>Acquired: Kaze's Fan
>>The Fan used by Kaze of the Weasel Trio. You aren't sure if you can create wind using this. But you will return this to Kaze.
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Murasa Quest Continues 2 - A Z-Machine Adventure
« Last post by Branneg Xy on Yesterday at 05:06:51 AM »
>You do not have anything like that. That said, you can easily grab a nearby curtain.


// To be prepared ,prepared to not turning   over-hopeful nor over-busy, about a Fast-Freeing  Resolution for Sakuya that Could Still be Open since Hints are Present...

//...Nevertheless Hints are Also Present  it could be more like Shou's Long-Term Solution.(as long as inside Pocket Dimension-like Place linked mostly to.Murasa's Memories,Will, Reformed Sinking Ghost Status&Nature...

// ...It should also rely about ,we should be looking for, for " A Protected t
and  to an extent  Uncomplicated sort-of Cleansing Breakthrough " //

> Oh! Of Course go tear&grab ,unless it is ...surprisingly already detached, to TAke baCK "" 2  TWO Properly Large  Curtain Pieces "" Curtain ,and then Back To...

> ...Return Flying on the double to " Room of the Oddly Conjured Fight-Trapped Sakuya "
Stop at a Distance To Spread
1 ONE of them as Panel-Cover-Shield
,or 2 TWO if... Insufficient ,  for BOTH  a sort-of Protection Sakuya and Us FROM" The (Dangerous MysteriousConjuring Captivating  ) Large GLASS BOX "...

>It could  be working out,even if it it " just " for aReprieve tor Sakuya,so...Approach It like That  ,Getting in Its Way to Sakuya and to Our Exposure,  WHILE READY to Cover it ... or  " Possibly Begin a Shielded Examine&Discover&Deactivate on It  " .

// Besides the Testing of the Initial Result, next-to steps should be like ( a Fair Free reign of Custom-Writ.and Enhancement by YAERSULF/All Players on their own,just Well-Meaning Advising + wishing +Inviting+Enjoying)   ...

// ...Kernel of it" A  Protected or even.Covered Examination of the Glass Box(or MAYBE WHATEVER t is Mirror Blocking&Misdirecting?") for Weird Images&Colours/Reflections&Shines/Compatibility..."
Rumia's Party Games / Re: Minor Existence Quest
« Last post by Philosopher on Yesterday at 02:42:07 AM »
>Oh, you could send a familiar. . .
->Wait, a fairy or any other curious could steal it.

>Land down and have a familiar eat the grass to make a message to Kaze
->Write 'Returning fan tomorrow  Moth'

>Float with the fan back up to the others.
->Have our familiar eat the cocoon.
> ...Oh...before going for it for examining  ...did we take back with us a piece of curtain or have at our disposal another cover to put between us and "the large glass box"?

>You do not have anything like that. That said, you can easily grab a nearby curtain.

Rumia's Party Games / Re: An Out of Context Incident
« Last post by WitheringFlowerCrown on November 25, 2021, 10:41:48 PM »
>"...Ah, I see."
>>Ogle Examine the large fairy. Anything that stands out apart from her size?

>"Let's walk, or rather fly, and talk."
>>Follow the fairy dust/glitter.
>>"So, could you give me more information about the 'stolen name' situation? I might need a reminder."
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